Web Development

  • Requirements
  • Our philosophy is that it is much more efficient to make changes to features and functions on paper, and therefore much cheaper for our clients! If these changes are done in code, it takes much more effort and compromises the integrity of the code. This does not mean that changes are not possible. We regularly tell our clients that “In IT, everything is possible!”. However, we hold off any modifications to agreed upon requirements until the delivery of the initial product.

    In the requirements phase of your project, your assigned team will define on paper every feature of your site and review them with you to ensure no misunderstandings once we deliver your fully customized website. It is in this phase that you benefit for the many years of experience in web and interaction design, as ExplainerDC wil design a website that achieves your online objectives, and understands your target audience to communicate to them in the best way.

  • Design
  • We will walk you through the elements that must be defined before we can start on the design of your site. Based on your input, our team of designers, both in-house and externally, will create design proposals for you to choose from.

    Our designs consider several factors, which have made our websites fast and reliable.

  • Development
  • Our Development Team have created websites that range widely in scope and complexity. These sites include those that

    • display corporate information
    • supplement existing marketing campaigns
    • provide communities online for specific trades
    • enables multiple content contributors to import and manage data for the site
    • and much more!

  • Hosting
  • ExplainerDC provides a variety of hosting packages, one of which is best suited for your website. If we have developed your website, we will take care of setting up the site and technically managing it. For those that have developed their site elsewhere, we will provide you with an FTP account to access the server directly. You will be able to upload the files and setup the site remotely. If you would like us to do that for you, just let us know and we can provide you with a quote for the work.

    All of our hosting package include email accounts for your domain. Don’t communicate as Yahoo!, Google, or Hotmail any longer!

    To find out more about our hosting options, please go to our Web Hosting section.

  • Maintenance
  • Our website are thoroughly tested before delivering to our clients, and launching to the public. Therefore, our Maintenance consists of technical support to the website and servers. We will make sure that all servers are regularly monitored and that all websites are running as they should.

    In addition, our Support Team is available for any questions or concerns to our clients, at support@explainerdc.com.gh.

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