Friday Cinema – Building Brands through Design


Building Brands through Design

A talk on company branding with emphasis on design communication. Difference between products and brands, and how companies leverage on design in marketing communications. Logo evolution and how companies connect with their customers through design.


Friday Cinema 28th August 2015

Friday-cinema-salesEvery Friday, Explainer DC holds an in-house seminar called Friday Cinema to share knowledge amongst staff. It’s a talk show with an open forum. The speaker can be an external resource drawn from a company or it could be a peer.

This session is one of the traditions of Explainer DC and has been practised since the inception of the company.

This Friday’s session was about Selling.

The Presenter introduced colleagues to the principles of selling based on the James Geoffrey model.

The talk was brief and informative.

The most outstanding aspect of the sales approach was the fact that less talk sells more in client meetings.

The Cinema ended after an hour.

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