Internet Marketing

  • Email Branding
  •  Email Branding

    You brand your office.
    You brand your business cards.
    You brand your letterhead.

    Why would you not brand your emails??

    ExplainerDC can provide an email branding solution which does not have any demand on your internal IT structure, nor your internet bandwidth requirements.

    Find out how to professionalize your email communication.

  • Web Banners
  • Web Banners

    Successful web banner advertising requires “segmentation.” This simply means that particular segments are identified within your overall market. Campaigns are specifically designed for each segment, to increase effectiveness.

    ExplainerDC can advise you on:

    • Setting goals and visitor criteria
    • Designing multiple targeted banners
    • Creating a series of landing pages
    • Rotating ads
    • Measuring your results
    • Starting over with Step 1, to reset goals according to results
  • Social Media
  • Social Media

    No one can dispute the effectiveness of social media sites for viral marketing. Sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have become essential vehicles for marketing communications over the past two years.

    will advise you on the appropriate Facebook presense for your business, and what other social media sites can meet your marketing objectives.

    Find out what these social media sites can do for your business.

  • Viral Campaigns
  • Viral Campaigns

    Now let’s tie all of the above and your other Web Solutions together to create a 360, cost-effective and results-oriented marketing campaign. Let us design the appropriate value proposition that entice your customers to not only interact with you, but to also spread the good news about your products and services to friends, family and colleagues…at no extra cost to you!

    Contact us to find out how this can work for your business.

  • Email Newsletters
  • Email Newsletters

    Reach Your Customers and Gain Their Loyalty

    Email newsletters are a highly cost-effective marketing tool. Visitors to your website can sign up using their email addresses to receive them as and when you publish them. In this way the website is used to build up a database of email addresses which you can use for marketing purposes.

    ExplainerDC offers customized email newsletter templates. These match your organisation’s branding and can be used to send short, relevant and targeted information to your current and potential customers.

    The newsletter tool has a powerful in-built analytical panel to help you understand customer preferences. With this knowledge, you will have the ability to target different customer groups based on their interest in your products and services. In short, email newsletters are a simple and cost-effective way of communicating with customers who already want to hear from you!

    ExplainerDC can author your newsletters and manage your mailing lists to make it easy for you.

    Get started with your custom newsletter today

  • SEO
  • SEO

    Optimizing your website to make you reach top of Google.

    Make sure you are found online. Get more clicks than your competitors!  95% of internet visitors do not go past page 2 of online search results.

    Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! rank websites based on how relevant their content is to the keywords that are searched for.  ExplainerDC will select the right keywords and phrases, specific to your business, that match what people actually search for.

    Additionally, the search engines scan the entire internet and ‘remember’ websites they come across. We will make the invisible technical changes needed to make your organisation’s website match the scan criteria, so you can rank higher than your competitors whose websites are not adequately optimized.

    Optimisation is an ongoing process that makes sure you work your way up to the top of the search results pages to enjoy the advantage of been seen first.

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