Blackberry stops making phones

blackberryBlackberry, the pioneer of modern smart phones, has announced that it would no longer manufacture handsets. It would now concentrate on its core business – applications, security and software.

The cessation comes in the wake of tumbling profits.

BlackBerry, which used to dominate the market with 80% user base, has slipped from USD 80 million revenue to USD 19. The loss arises from competition with Apple and Samsung products which have more innovative features and app stores.

With the release of their flagship product in the late 1990s, BlackBerry was the first company to invent a phone with full QWERTY keyboard and email services. These capabilities made it popular with businesses and even leaders like Barack Obama.


Despite its growth profitability and popularity, BlackBerry failed to invest in innovation. Eventually, Apple and Samsung took over the market.

The company will now outsource its phone manufacturing sector to Asian companies and revert to its core business of software development.



Enyo Kumahor speaks to Levers in Heels

Enyo Kumahor,  the Managing Partner of The Cobalt Partners, and a Women in Technology Advocate, recently granted an interview to Levers in Heels, a platform that inspires Women Technology Leaders.

During the conversation, Enyo reflected on the tech opportunities that abound in Africa, reminisced on her school days and described whats its like to work in multi-cultural environments.

Please read full transcript of the interview here.

Microsoft discontinues XBOX 360

Xbox-is-discontinuedXBox 360, the flagship game console of Microsoft, will no longer be manufactured by the company. The retirement of the popular game will allow the company to focus on other developments. XBox 360 was launched 10 years ago amidst fanfare because it was then the first ever such product from the software giant.

Though specific reasons have not been given for the cessation, it is believed that the firm would like to concentrate on its core business of office applications. It is speculated that the proliferation of games on hand held devices like mobile phones and tablets may have led to low sales with the XBox, hence the retirement.

Stores world wide will continue to sell existing stocks till they run out and Microsoft will support existing users.

FBI iPhone crack ruffles Apple’s SE release

The FBI has cracked an Apple iPhone in pursuit of solving a crime. Apple protested the reverse engineering efforts of the FBI but lost the case.  The  manipulation hurts Apple in no small way because it would adversely affect the Company’s reputation as a secure device manufacturer.

The action by the Government ruffles Apple’s celebration of the iPhone SE release which touts exceptional security. With this development, Apple will now first have to identity which vulnerability in their software allowed the crack, and secondly appease its customers who have always deemed the iPhone as beyond compromise.

15th Anniversary of ExplainerDC Ghana

January 19 2016 marks the 15th Anniversary of ExplainerDC.

Highlights of launch ceremony

  1. The company would actively start making profits in 20013. Before then, its main concern was about IT participation and literacy in Ghana.
  2. The Company intends to engage young, talented, enthusiastic and creative IT specialists who would design innovative products and make the company the standard by which the Tech industry in Ghana will be measured.

Quotes from The Pioneers

President of ExplainerDC Hans Wiegel ” Explainer DC is an agency for consulting, creation and realization of e-business concepts”

CEO Ronnie Overgoor

“The move to Ghana should not be seen as a PR stunt. The social aspect is crucial. The time is ripe for this kind of idealism, especially when it can be also designed for business.”

 Video of Opening Ceremony








Past Management [in order of tenure]

Ronnie Overgoor

Thomas Hesse

Kojo Asante-Abedi