Google now under a group of companies

alphabetGoogle is now under the Alphabet Group of companies.  Its a shareholding company managed by Alphabet. It will continue to do its normal business and maintain its management structure but will be under the policy control of Alphabet. This change means Google will no longer be a product and super decision company as it was in the past.

Google says it always stood for simplicity and is therefore naming the holding company after a simple experience in the literacy world – letters of the alphabet. The logo itself is a sans serif lettering with a base color –  maroon.

WIRED attends Chale Wote Street Art Festival in Accra Ghana


Wired, a co-brand of ExplainerDC, attended the Chale Wote Street Art Festival in Accra Ghana on the 22nd and 23rd of August.2015. The event showcases freelancers in the fine arts and takes place along the streets and alleys of Jamestown, a western section of the Atta Mills High Street.

Chale Wote means “friend lets go” in vernacular but actually refers to any inexpensive rubber slippers.

Wired offered free wifi, lucky dips, souvenirs and free consultancy on online solutions.  As a tech company amongst a predominantly craft and arts booths,  Wired became a white lark, attracting several visitors to its stand.

Welcome to our Blog

techWelcome to Tech Bytes, the official blog page for ExplainerDC.

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Friday Cinema – How to sell technology to passive people


How to sell technology to passive people

Presentation on why people resist change and new technology.

People want products and services that save time, save effort, are prestigious, of reasonable pricing, economical.

When selling to passive people, master the product you are selling,  tell success stories, simplify the purchase process, offer options and avoid mixed results from use of product.